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Hands On Optics is a Vixen VIP Dealer.

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USED ITEMS LIST Updated December 7, 2016

Updated December 7, 2016

If you have equipment you are planning to sell, Hands on Optics would be glad to give you a call or Quotation.Please call 301-938-3525 or email info@handsonoptics.com  to confirm availability. If this is the first time you have seen our stock listing we call the FUN list (Factory, Used, New), it may require some explanation. 

N = New - Special, Unusual or One of a Kind 
S = New - Special Factory Purchase, Low Price
D = Dealer Demo Unit, New Warranty
U = Used, Condition described
F = Factory second or Blem
A = Antique 

  U $550.00 Cassegrain - Orion/Vixen VM200L, 200 mm, 8", f/9.0 astro-imaging 8" Cassegrain. 2" Focuser, 30mm Finder, Vixen Dovetail.  Sold by Orion and made by Vixen. Custom Aluminum case. Was $1899 new  
  U $450.00 Refractor - Vernonscope Master Birder 80mm f/5.6 OTA. Body and optics xcellent. 2" Crayford is smooth, and has the usual bearing rub marks.   
  U $965.00 Refractor - Orion EON 120mm f/7.5 ED Apochromatic Refractor Telescope. Scope excellnt end to end. Hard case a litle rough.  
  N $299.00 Berlebach Ash Tripod.   
  U $345.00 Mount - Takahashi Original Teegul Alt-azimuth Mount in Excellent condition   
  U $99.00 Wedge - Meade Standard Wedge. Excellent condition. 3 available. Currently $299  
  U $24.00 Unitron Tripod Extension - for Unitron EQ. Custom machined Aluminum. Raises the mount head about 14 inches.  Stellarvue MECA for  M1, one mark on the side.  
  U $25.00 Stellarvue Tripod Extension - Stellarvue MECA for  M1, one mark on the side.  
  B $40.00 Vixen Power Cable - Vixen DC output cable #2537 Discontinued New ol stock  
  U $10.00 Meade 18V or 12V extension , 20ft.    
  U $100.00 Solar Diagonal - Coronado 1.25"  Gold coated  Use with BF30 or alone for Planets  
  U $50.00 Televue Mars Filter Type A. Used little. Mint  
  U $50.00 Televue Mars Filter Type B. Used little. Mint  
  N $70.00 Lunt Adapter Plate LS661/75 for 75mm filters onto Stellarvue 80 telescopes. New old stock. Reduced from $140 to $70  
  U $400.00 H-Alpha Filter. DayStar Pre Filter. 125mm Clear Aperture ERF in cover for Meade 16" LX200. Was $795 new.   
  U $200.00 Solar Filter - Glass Full Aperture 16"  (no longer made) . Thousand Oaks For Meade LX200 16.  New Old Stock  
  N $120.00 Solar Filter - Glass. 12.13" ID Orion Full Aperture, For Orion and GSO 10" Dobs. New Old Stock  
  N $75.00 Filter Wheel, 1.25" with 5 color filters  
  N $45.00 B+W 48mm 3.0 Neutral Density Filter 110 Filter 1000x   
  N $69.00 B+W 28.5mm (1.25") 3.0 Neutral Density Filter 110 Filter 1000x   
  U $69.00 Zoom - Proxima 8-24mm Floor Model   
  U $15.00 6mm Orion explore , Excellent condition  
  N $15.00 9.7mm Meade Super Plossl, VG condition. Optics mint  
  N $15.00 12.4mm Meade Super Plossl, great condition. Optics mint  
  S $49.00 12.5mm Williams Optics LE Planetary. 58 degree, 20mm Eye relief. Early silver model New Old Stock  
  A $150.00 16mm Vernonscope Brandon in screw down canister. As new on original shipping box 4/3/72  
  A $95.00 16mm Vernonscope Brandon, early silver side, tapered top. Optics Exc, top rim bright spots.   
  N $25.00 17mm - Orion Explorer II Eyepiece. Entry Level Eyepiece. New Old Stock 2 available  
  N $30.00 23mm Stellarvue Crosshair with Illuminator hole  
  N $59.00 25mm Lumicon Kellner Crosshair Eyepiece. New Old Stock, one only.  Was $95  
  N $29.00 25mm Orion Sirius Plossl, new old stock in StarDust case  
  U $20.00 32mm Scopetronix /GSO Meade Plossl. 4 element.  Excellent cond in box.   
  U $100.00 1.25" Nikon Nippon Kokaku Porro Prism, Straight through erect image. Professionally made 1.25" 1.25" adapters.   
  N $84.00 Barlow - 3X Antares with Twistlock top.  made in Japan. Was $95. New Old Stock, one only.   
  A $100.00 Bralow -Vernonscope Dakin 3X Barlow in screwdown canister. As new on original shipping box dated 4/3/72  
  U $25.00 Barlow - 2X Meade shorty telenegative Mint  
  N $89.00 Filter Wheel, 1.25" with 5 color filters  
  N $245.00 Diagonal Vernonscope 45 degree Amichi . New, Reg  $289  
  U $200.00 Diaginal - Vernonscope 45 degree Amichi, made in USA.  No longer made. Excellent Condition  
  U $70.00 31mm Proxima, original Japanese lens design,  
  U $59.00 32mm Rini Crosshair eyepiece, About 60 degrees FOV.  
  N $30.00 2" Celestron Filters #21 Orange, #56 Green and #12 Yellow.  
  N $105.00 Barlow - 1.6X Antares with twistliock top. New Old Stock, one only.   
  U $29.00 Rini 0.5X focal reducer. 2" in and out. Looks like a Barlow.  
  N $200.00 Camera angle adjuster for TSA-102S, TSA-120, FS-128N, TOA-130S (2.7" focuser) TFP1100. New old stock.  
  N $40.00 Vixen Optics 39192 Digital Camera Quick Bracket for Digital Cameras, Telescopes and Spotting Scopes  
  U $35.00 Off Axis  Guider - Meade  Fit directly on SCTs   
  A $100.00 Deluxe Tele-compressor. 1980s Mint in box, Big lens and 1.25" adapter. Only seen in 45 years.   
  U $49.00 Questar C Adapter Camera adapter Train. Includes 5 parts. Fits DSLR and C  
  N $40.00 Focuser Part - end piece brass Insert Replacement for Synta 2" focusers  
  N $20.00 Focuser Part -Mercury Systems GFSA 2" Ring, adds brass retaining ring for GSO Newtonian focusers  
  U $35.00 Focuser Part - GFSA-8 replaces high hat style adapter on GSO Newtonians  
  N $25.00 Focuser knob - Large know replacement for PST. Orange annodized.   
  N $190.00 Mounting Rings - Parallax 9.1" ID for 8" Meade SCTs.  Reg $250.   
  N $30.00 Kendrick  Binoviewer heatstrip. New on stock  
  N $10.00 1000 Oaks Dew Strip for Telrad. Fits Kendrick and Dewnot controllers.   
  U $100.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 14" scope  
  U $55.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 11" scope  
  U $40.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 10" scope  
  N $35.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 7/8" scope old stock.   
  U $40.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 6" scope  
  U $35.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 5" scope  
  U $30.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 4" scope  
   N  $5.00  54.3mm x 193mm Fully coated achromats from Edmund Scientific 1970s.  Binocular lenses of eyepiece lenses. $10 each, 2/$15 or 5/$25.    
  N $39.00 Glass - 7.25" x 7" Front Surface Mirror with metal back.   
  N $50.00 Glass - Edmund Scientific 1.5" Secondaries. Box of 10. Uncoated. USA made  
  N $40.00 Glass - Edmund Scientific 1.25" Secondaries. Box of 8. Uncoated. USA made  
  A $25.00 Glass - Zeiss Prism post WWII. 45mm clear apeture  
  N $25.00 Orion Mak-Cass Adapter Ring for Schmidt-Cass Accessories. Item #  52067  
  N $20.00 William Optics SCT Thread Adapter for 2" Diagonal. SCT  to  standard 48mm male thread, same as most 2" filters, eyepiece/diagonal barrels.    
  U $100.00 Case - Meade Soft canvas case with fitted foam inserts for classic LX100 10".   
  N $20.00 Adapter - SCT accessories to 2" Focuser. Williams Opt # D-SCT-TA. New Old Stock, one only.   
  U $125.00 Meade Micro Focuser,  Includes steel thread protector, 2" SCT adapter.   
  U $279.00 Microscope Photo eyepiece. NIKON  marked PLI 2.5 barrel 1.1"   
  N $179.00 Spotting scope - Celestron SV60 #52256. Swing View Spotting Scope - 20-60x60. Nice but discontinued, last one.  
  N $29.00 Lumicon .965"  Camera T-Adapter - Drop-in , New Old Stock #07949  
  U $5.00 Unitron Eyepiece Solar Filter, Fits over eyepiece  
  U $25.00 12.5mm Unitron Kellner. Excellent optics, barrel shows minor wear.  
  U $45.00 12mm Celestron Orthoscopic. Mint in StarDust case  
  U $19.00 Celestron straight through porro prism, made in Japan, excellent condition  
  U $29.00 Porro Prism. Unitron .965 straight through. Excellent condition.  
  U $39.00 Crosshair Laser Collimator  Projects crosshair with ring   
  U $279.00 Microscope Photo eyepiece. NIKON  marked PLI 2.5 barrel 1.1"   
  A $35.00 Military Vintage Double Collimator # 7680840 WWII-Korea era  
  U $25.00 Meade 4" -7" ED APO T Adapter. Screw on style  


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