Meade Variable Projection Tele-Extender

Manufactured by: Meade
Model: 07348


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Meade Variable Projection Tele-Extender
The Variable Projection Tele-Extender for Meade LX90 and LX200. Allows for a range of effective focal ratios during eyepiece-projection photography.The Variable Projection Tele-Extender attaches to the outer-diameter threads of a Meade Model 07182 Eyepiece Holder (not included, standard equipment on 8-10" LX200 and 8-12" LX90) into which is inserted an eyepiece, typically in the 15mm to 32mm focal length range. The machined sliding-cell assembly can be fixed at any position along its length and is held in position via thumbscrew. The resulting effective focal ratio is then determined by the slidiing adjustment and eyepiece used. For film based SLR cameras a T-Mount is required, ordered separately for your 35mm camera brand. Compatible with all Meade SCT and ACF models. Can be used for prime focus photography without eyepiece. Meade Model 07182 Eyepiece Holder required.

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