JMI Reverse Crayford 1" Focuser

Manufactured by: JMI
Model: RCFMIN1


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JMI Reverse Crayford 1" Focuser
For all RCF focusers you must specify whether you want a flat or curved base. For curved bases, you need to specify the radius. If you don't, you will get the standard size radius. Please specify your selection by one of the two methods listed here. Place a note in the shopping cart Comments area specifying "Flat Base" or "Curved Base" and the appropriate radius for the curved base. (Diameter = 2 x Radius)

What is a Reverse Crayford Focuser?
The Reverse Crayford Focuser (RCF) is a light-weight, low-profile focuser with a new revolutionary design JMI's low-cost, high-quality answer to plastic focusers. In the reverse Crayford design, the drive-shaft pressure is applied to a bar which "pulls" the drawtube against its supporting bearings as apposed to directly "pushing" the drawtube as seen in the normal Crayford design.

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