JMI Reverse Crayford 2" Focuser

Manufactured by: JMI
Model: RCF1


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JMI Reverse Crayford 2" Focuser
For all RCF focusers you must specify whether you want a flat or curved base. For curved bases, you need to specify the radius. If you don't, you will get the standard size radius. Place a note in the shopping cart Comments area specifying "Flat Base" or "Curved Base" and the appropriate radius for the curved base. (Diameter = 2 x Radius)

What is a Reverse Crayford Focuser?
The Reverse Crayford Focuser (RCF) is a light-weight, low-profile focuser with a new revolutionary design JMI's low-cost, high-quality answer to plastic focusers. In the reverse Crayford design, the drive-shaft pressure is applied to a bar which "pulls" the drawtube against its supporting bearings as apposed to directly "pushing" the drawtube as seen in the normal Crayford design.

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