Meade Series 4000 #3200 Lunar And Planetary Color Filter Set

Manufactured by: Meade
Model: 07544


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Meade Series 4000 #3200 Lunar And Planetary Color Filter Set
Color filters are considered by many to be an essential "must have" for observing and imaging the Moon and planets. The high quality Meade Series 4000 Color Filter Sets are manufactured from the finest optical glass, dyed (not "color coated") and anti-reflection coated on both sides of the glass for the highest performance. The Series 4000 #3200 Lunar And Planetary Color Filter Set increases image contrast and resolution of the Moon and planets. This set includes: (a) #25A Red (14% Transmission) - for sharp contrast in Jupiter's cloud belts, helps define polar caps and maria on Mars. Best for larger telescopes due to restricted transmission. (b) #12 Yellow (74% Transmission) - this filter adds contrast to blues, enhances reds and yellows on Jupiter and Saturn, and increases contrast on Mars and on the Moon (c) #80A Blue (30% Transmission) - this is a popular filter for enhancing spiral features in Jupiter's cloud belt (including the Red Spot), and adding contrast to Saturn and the Moon. (c) Moon Filter:ND96 (13% transmission) - reduces glare when observing the Moon. All filters are threaded for and compatible with all Meade Series 4000 and Series 5000 eyepieces.

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