Meade Laser Collimator (1.25")

Manufactured by: Meade
Model: 07401


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Meade Laser Collimator (1.25")
The Meade Laser Collimator (1.25") helps make collimation of even very "fast" Newtonian telescopes quick and easy. Get the most out of your telescope by regularly checking and maintaining it's ciritical optical alignment with this easy to use collimation aid. Provides a precise, obvious and unambiguous visual reference to confirm your optical system is well aligned and performing at it's best. Telescope optics are normally aligned at the factory, but transportation, especially shipping, can sometimes induce small or even large misalignments. Misaligned collimation is the number one controllable cause of telescopes not functioning as well as they should. The Meade laser Collimator works with any 1.25" focuser and is especially recommended for Meade LightBridge or other Dobsonians as well as Meade LXD-75 Schmidt-Newtonian models. Also compatible with SCT and ACF models. Class IIIA Laser Product, Wavelength of 635-670nm.

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