Meade MAX Robotic German Equatorial Mount

Manufactured by: Meade
Model: MAX-01


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MAX Robotic German Equatorial Mount
The first affordable true professional observatory class mount. Precision mechanics with 400lb load (weights included) Available Feb 2006.
MAXMount Only 16" LX400-ACF 20" LX400-ACF
Optical Design Advanced Coma-Free Advanced Coma-Free
Clear Aperture 16" 20"
UHTC™ Coatings Standard Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTCT) Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTCT)
Resolving Power (Dawes Limit) .285 arc seconds .228 arc seconds
Focal Length, Focal Ratio 3251mm, f/8 4064mm, f/8
Telescope Mounting MAX Robotic Equatorial Mount MAX Robotic Equatorial Mount
Periodic Error Correction Both axes

Five (5) arc seconds (raw); Two (2) arc seconds with PECTOOL

Control Panel 2 multi-function, multi-port panels 2 multi-function, multi-port panels 2 multi-function, multi-port panels
Focus 4-speed front focusing mechanism included included
GPS, North sensors included 16-channel GPS receiver16-channel GPS receiver (on Mount) 16-channel GPS receiver (on Mount)
Pointing Precision High Precision Mode 1-arc min. High Precision Mode 1-arc min. High Precision Mode 1-arc min.
Autostar® II Hand Controller included (147,541 object database) included (147,541 object database) included (147,541 object database)
AlignmentEquatorial Equatorial Equatorial
North electronic sensors IncludedIncludedIncluded
Temperature ControlThermal stabilization fanThermal stabilization fan
Power12VDC, 5amp power supply required120VAC, 5amp power supply required 12VDC, 5amp power supply required
Slew Speeds:

RA and Dec: 0.01x to1.0x sidereal, variable in0.01x increments; 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 128x sidereal; 1°/sec. to 2°/sec., variable in 0.1° increments All models

Tracking Rates

sidereal, lunar, or custom-selected from 2000 incremental rates All models

Primary, Secondary Mirrors Pyrex® glass, fine-annealedPyrex® glass, fine-annealed
Correcting Plate/Lens BorofloatBorofloat
CounterweightsRequires 4 - 35lb. Counterweights (included) Requires 5 - 35lb. Counterweights (included)

8 x 50mm viewfinder, 2.0" diagonal mirror with 1.25" adapter, UltraWide 24mm eyepiece. (16" and 20" models)

Total Net Weight329 pounds (no counterweights)140 pounds (OTA only)190 pounds (OTA only)

Weights and DimensionsWeightsDimensions
RA Housing Assembly66 poundsL = 20.75"; W = 18.85"; H = 20.34".
Dec Housing Assembly75 poundsL = 18.25"; W = 15"; H = 20.45".
Counterweight Shaft Assembly32 pounds without counterweightsL = 38.1"; W = 1.25"
Individual Counterweight35 poundsL = 5.9"; W = 5.9"; H = 2.96".
Portable Tripod81 poundsHeight: 26.5 inches; Footprint radius: 30 inches
Permanent Pier39 poundsMinimum Height: 22"; Maximum Height: ?? Tube Diameter: 11.9"
Optical Tube Assembly (OTA)
Optional Accessories
20 pound Counterweight
Dovetail Instrument mount assembly

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