Meade 25mm Illuminated ReticleFraming Ocular (1.25") wireless

Manufactured by: Meade
Model: 07568


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Meade Plossl 25mm Illuminated Reticle CCD Framing Ocular (1.25"), wireless
Because of the relatively small dimensions of the microchips used in CCD imaging systems, composing the astronomical image (i.e., confirming the object's orientation and size relative to the chip orientation and dimensions and centering the object on the chip) can be a challenging issue, particularly in cases of faint diffuse objects. This task is facilitated with the Meade Plössl 25mm Framing Ocular. The Framing Ocular can be used in either of two ways: (a) by placing it in the telescope's eyepiece-holder, after which the Framing Ocular is replaced with the CCD camera; or (b) in conjunction with a flip-mirror device. The ocular displays in evenly illuminated red LED light the rectangular frames of all popular CCD chip sizes, including all Meade Pictor Series CCD imagers, as well as the ST-5 through ST-8 and other imager brands. A lockable spacer ring fixes eyepiece focus, so that the focus of the eyepiece and the CCD imager can be made precisely parfocal. The Plössl 25mm Framing Ocular facilitates the composition of celestial objects on the CCD chip.

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