JMI 5" Large Wheels for Universal-Style Wheeley Bars

Manufactured by: JMI
Model: TPWLW


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JMI 5" Large Wheels for Universal-Style Wheeley Bars
Fully locking 5" diameter polyurethane wheels to replace the standard 2-3/8" hard rubber wheels on Universal-Style Wheeley Bars (both standard and custom versions).  With these wheels, the Wheeley Bars will raise the mount off the ground an additional 2-7/8" more than the standard 2-3/8" wheels.

The large wheels are designed for field use on rough surfaces such as grass, dirt and gravel.  However, great care must be taken in maneuvering on these surfaces, particularly when wet because the wheels may sink below the surface.  We do not recommend using Wheeley Bars on these surfaces under adverse conditions, especially if you have a very heavy telescope.

Upgrade at Time of Purchase, Part Number TPWLWUPG
Purchased Separately*, Part Number TPWLW

 If you simply wish to purchase the Wheeley bars with 5" wheels rather than 2-3/8" wheels, pick the "upgrade at time of purchase" option (part number TPWLWUPG).  This price is cheaper because the small wheels are essential "traded in" toward the price of the larger wheels.

* If you wish to replace your 2-3/8" wheels with 5" wheels after the original purchase, use the "purchase separately" option (part number TPWLW).  You can only replace your small wheels with the large wheels if your current wheels are attached with bolts (current manufacturing method) rather than rivets (very old manufacturing method).  With this "aftermarket" option, YOU will be removing the original wheels and installing the 5" wheels.  The necessary longer leveling bolts are included.  (JMI will not accept returns of used small wheels.)

The picture at left shows the Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bars with the standard 2-3/8" wheels installed.  The 5" Large Wheels are shown to the side.

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