TeleGizmos Super Duty 5"-6" Refractors on large Eq mts

Manufactured by: TeleGizmos
Model: T3R6


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TeleGizmos Super Duty covers 5"-6" Refractors on large Eq mts. OTA up to 60"
Series 365 covers are warranted for one year from date of purchase including all labor and material. Continuous 24/7, 365 outside (full weather) exposure is covered in this warranty protection. If your cover fails due to either a manufacturing or material defect, TeleGizmos will repair or replace the cover during this warranty period. Proof of purchase required. This warranty is fully transferable. This warranty does not include coverage of normal wear and tear.
  • Water proof, washable, highly reflective.
  • Stopping condensation build up on scopes left outside at night.
  • Greatly reducing scope temperature on scopes left outside in sunlight.
  • They can be securely fastened to your scope with the built in draw string.
  • The TeleGizmos material is unaffected by high wind.
  • Highly tear and puncture resistant.
  • Safe to minus 200 F
  • Our material has extreme temperature tolerance; they stay malleable in temps well below freezing and are unaffected by summer sun and heat.
TeleGizmos can produce custom sized covers for almost any type of application including equipment tables, laptops, any type of accessory and more. Let us know what you need and we will work with you to produce it.

All TeleGizmos covers come with a one year material and craftsmanship warranty

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