TeleGizmos Solar Scope Cover LightBridge 16" 90deg TGLB16H

Manufactured by: TeleGizmos
Model: TGLB-16H


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TeleGizmos Solar Scope Cover LightBridge 16" for horizontal parking position. The new TGLB-16H is specifically designed for the LightBridge 16" scope, dedicated horizontal park position.

TeleGizmos' large truss Dob Cover series offer large Dob owners the best possible protection available in a scope cover. They provide superior rain and moister protection; they are not just water resistant. They are extremely tough and can provide years of service under normal use.

The TeleGizmos material performance is unaffected by wind, sun, sub-freezing temperatures or UV. The fully aluminized/poly exterior surface will keep your scope significantly cooler on hot summer days translating into much faster cool down times once the sun sets.

Designed to give the best possible fit, these covers have two main connected components: The main tube section is four connected tapered panels, the narrowest point starting at the UTA and then gradually widening to the point of attachment at the rocker box. The rocker section of the cover is boxed shape to conform the general shape of the rocker. All connection seam points are double lapped and micro-stitched. The resulting seam is highly resistant to moister penetration to assure your scope will stay dry under even the hardest rains.

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