TeleGizmos Field Pack Cover - Cooler Cover

Manufactured by: TeleGizmos
Model: TGCC


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Field Pack Covers For In-Field Protection

Cooler Cover

If you're heading to the bush in search of dark skies, odds are you'll be taking a cooler along. The TGCC Cover will significantly increase the performance of your cooler by reducing the effects of day time heat on your cooler and by reducing the loss of cold air from the cooler. Field tested by several independent users, it does a great job of extending the life span of ice.

The new Field Pack Cover Series is designed to provide in-field dew control and protection for your scope's accessories. Their uses are numerous: Dew control for several styles of finders, temporary dew and dust protection for objectives, coverage of Telrad finder windows and more. Use the Field Pack system while observing, imaging or when you may have to step away from you scope. Pick a cover that best suits your needs. Or pick and choose any combination of covers. Developed with the assistance of noted visual observing expert David Elosser of North Carolina, these covers will prolong dew-free conditions for your equipment.       

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