Lumicon NGC Sky Vector System for Meade 2120

Manufactured by: Lumicon
Model: LK2055


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The Lumicon NGC Sky Vector System, is a state-of-the-art digital setting circle system, providing a continuous, real-time digital readout of right ascension and declination coordinates. Now incorporates a large 12,000-object database, high-resolution display mode, plus current constellation and current chart number displays - all on a 16-digit red LED display. It can be integrated with a personal computer for display of celestial object coordinates.

The Lumicon NGC Sky Vector(tm) allows you to find an object easily in the GUIDE mode, where you become the 'drive motors' as the NGC Sky Vector guides you to your favorite deep sky object. There is no need to polar-align the telescope, and no need to input latitude, longitude, time, or date. Simply initialize on one or two stars and let the Lumicon NGC Sky Vector guide you to selected deep sky objects as you point your telescope. Right Ascension readout is accurate to 1 minute, and Declination readout is accurate to 10 arc-minutes.

Once you have become familiar with the Lumicon NGC Sky Vector, you will actually be able to find objects faster than with most fully computer-driven telescopes. You can also easily identify unknown objects with the IDENTIFY mode. Just center the mystery object in the eyepiece, press IDENTIFY, and presto! The Lumicon NGC Sky Vector identifies the object you have found!

The Lumicon NGC Sky Vector's alphanumeric display uses a simple, easy-to-read scrolling text format. The LED dot matrix display emits a monochromatic red light that will not interfere with dark-adapted vision. The brightness of the LED display can be controlled with the DIM button.


  • ALL galaxies brighter than B magnitude 14.3
  • 740 misidentified NGC objects defined
  • Arizona Database accuracy
  • 'IDENTIFY' mode for unknown objects
  • 'GUIDE' program leads you to an object
  • 1034 UGC galaxies
  • Planetary ephemeris
  • 9134 galaxies
  • Complete NGC catalog
  • 171 galaxy groups & clusters
  • 18 Abell rich galaxy clusters
  • 2 quasars
  • 942 open star clusters
  • Visual and photographic descriptions
  • Serial port for computer access (RS232)
  • 124 open clusters with associated nebulosity
  • 1254 ESO galaxies
  • 837 selected colored & multiple stars
  • 158 globular clusters
  • 125 emission nebula
  • 330 planetary nebulae
  • 55 reflection nebula
  • 12 dark nebula

The Lumicon NGC Sky Vector computer weighs only 8 ounces - with the 9-volt battery installed - and may therefore be conveniently mounted near the eyepiece of the telescope without upsetting the balance. Hook-and-loop double adhesive (Velcro) comes with the mounting hardware for this purpose.

Lumicon NGC Sky Vector System includes: Lumicon NGC Sky Vector Computer; 4000 Step Encoders (set of 2); hardware mounting package; installation and operating instructions; and a copy of the data-base for perusal on your personal computer (PC). Options include 8192-step, high-resolution encoders, and a serial interface cable for connection to PCs.

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