Lumicon 5-Position Multiple Filter Selector 1.25"

Manufactured by: Lumicon
Model: LF5010


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Lumicon 5-Position Multiple Filter Selector 1.25"
Fits all major brands of 1.25" filters. The 1.25" Multiple Filter Selector allows you to switch back and forth between filters without having to thread and unthread them from your eyepieces or diagonal. The nosepiece has threads as well, so one filter, such as a polarizing, can be "stacked" with the others. The selector may be positioned before or after diagonal. Leaving one position open lets you compare views with and without your Lumicon filters. Machined from solid aircraft aluminum.

The Lumicon 1.25" Multiple Filter Selector:

  • Accepts Standard 1.25" Filters (1.125" x 42 tpi threads)
  • Has 5 Filter Positions
  • 28mm clear aperture  
  • Drops into 1.25" eyepiece holders
  • Weighs only 6oz  
  • Built-in T-Thread Camera Adapter (male)
  • Includes 1.25" Eyepiece Adapter (Lumicon LA1070)
  • 3/4" Optical path length in Photographic mode
  • 2.25" Optical path length in Visual mode  
  • Works on all SCTs  

    Note: Newtonian telescopes require the use of a 1.25" Low Profile Focuser, either the LH2000 or LH2020, to reach focus. Most refractors will only reach focus in photographic mode.

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