Lumicon Comet-Swan Band Filter-1.25"

Manufactured by: Lumicon
Model: LF3070


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Lumicon Comet-Swan Band Filter-1.25"

The Lumicon Comet Band narrow visible bandpass cometary filter (25nm) isolates just the 501nm OIII and the 514nm Cyanogen lines. The high-contrast gain of the filter reveals the delicate ionized tail of gaseous comets which normally can be very difficult to spot with dusty comets. The Lumicon Comet Band filter also allows you to see the full extent of the ion tail. The Comet Band filter helps you to better discern between gaseous comets, which the Comet Band filter greatly helps, and dusty comets which show little contrast gain. For dusty comets, use the Lumicon Deep Sky filter.

Howard Brewington, famed comet discoverer says: "I discovered Comet Aarseth-Brewinton, 1989a1, using the Lumicon Comet Band Filter. The filter doubled the contrast, making the comet very easy to spot." Be the person to discover the next "Comet of the Century" using the Lumicon Comet Band Comet Filter.

Not intended for photography (use the Lumicon Deep Sky Filter).

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