Celestron Skyris 618M #95511 SAVE $100 Only 2 available

Manufactured by: Celestron
Model: 95511


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Celestron Skyris 618C #95510  SAVE $100. Only  2 available

Designed for beginning and advanced imagers alike, each of the six color and monochromatic Skyris models reveals the solar system from a completely new perspective, allowing you to create stunning planetary images in crisp, high resolution. Superior internal components—including Sony® EXview HAD™ imaging sensors and high-speed USB 3.0 connections—result in great camera sensitivity with ultra-fast image capture. Powered by The Imaging Source. Capture more exposures in less time to record moments of the most stable air, resulting in the best image quality. Finally, the dynamic 12-bit image output dramatically outranges the 8-bit output of standard planetary CCDs.

It’s all surrounded by Celestron’s carefully engineered external camera housing, designed for improved heat dissipation to minimize the temperature effect on CCD noise. Includes Celestron iCap software and stacking software (for Windows) aid with capturing, filtering, aligning, stacking, and exporting your best images.

Skyris 618M #95511
Imaging sensor
Sony ICX618ALA Monochrome CCD
A/D conversion
Max frame rate
120 fps
Telescope connection
1.25” barrel and C-thread
Operating Range
40°C to -40°C (104°F to -40°F)
Optical window
Software compatibility
iCap, IC Capture, DirectShow
Powered by USB
Camera resolution
Sensor size
4.46 mm x 3.80 mm
Pixel size
5.6 micron square
System requirements
PC laptop with Windows XP /Vista/ 7/8 & a USB 2.0/3.0 port
3.6 oz

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