Takahashi EM 500 Mount

Manufactured by: Takahashi
Model: TakEM500


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The state-of-the-art EM-500 Temma II mount has a tracking accuracy that is guaranteed to +/- 3.5 arc seconds without periodic error correction and it runs off of 24V DC. The EM-500 Temma II slews at 560X the Sidereal rate. The Temma II GoTo System can be operated via The Sky, Level IV software and is closed-loop. This means that the telescope can be moved manually without restarting the Goto system. The mount can also be operated in manual (non-Goto) mode without connecting to a computer and dual-axis tracking is available in this mode.

The self-contained illuminated polar finder is accurate to two arc minutes of the pole. Auto guider and CCD cables are available for most CCD cameras including serial, RJ-11, and USB connectors. Main gears are phosphor-bronze with matching molly-steel worms for greater accuracy and durability vs. aluminum & stainless steel. New, precision micro-stepping motors provide high durability with softer pulse-peaks for better imaging. No need for servos and variable-voltage systems that reduce longevity

EM-500 Temma II 
Type                                 German type, RA/DEC Motor Driven System Built-In
R.A.                                  Slow Motion Electric
DEC                                 Slow Motion Electric 
                                          Self-contained illuminated polar finder 
Accuracy                          Accurate to two arc minutes of the pole
Operation                         12V/24v
Slewing speed                 520x sidereal @ 24v


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