Takahashi TOA 150B APO Refractor with 4" Focuser

Manufactured by: Takahashi
Model: TAK-TOK1501


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Takahashi TOA 150B APO Refractor with 4" Focuser

The Takahashi TOA-150B is an amazing refractor that screams quality! Below is a list of key features pertaining to the Takahashi TOA-150B

  • The Takahashi TOA-150B has a state of the art 4" focuser. Linear bearings have been designed into this focuser to support the insertion of heavy cameras and accessories.
  • Designed as an Ortho-Apochromatic Triplet the TOA-150B uses FPL-53 Extra-low Dispersion glass to get rid of chromatic aberration.
  • All surfaces of the TOA-150B are fully multi-coated with added layers of anti reflection material coating the inside of the optical tube.
  • The OTA of this telescope is knife edge baffled for added anti-reflective performance.
  • With 1100mm of focal length at a focal ratio of f/7.33 this scope was built for astro photography.
  • Resolution = 0.77 arc seconds.
  • Limiting Visual Magnitude 13.4.
  • Full 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Ships Direct From Takahashi America In Texas.

An amazing instrument the Takahashi TOA-150B is one of the top research grade refractors on the market. The optical design is a new triplet design that utilizes special elements to generate the best color correction possible. Gone are the days of edge color when you use this telescope. Best in class FPL-53 glass allows for such performance.

The TOA-150B is a air spaced optical design that eliminates the old oil design that had the potential to leak with age.

The new 4" focuser format from Takahashi is perfect for those that are looking to use a medium camera format for astro-photography. The focuser on this scope is super strong and can support heavy instruments hanging off the back of the scope with it's new trigger lock mechanism. With 225mm of back focus this focuser provides photographers with the flexibility they need to reach focus. As with most high-end Takahashi refractors the TOA-150B has a 10:1 micro focuser built in.

This telescope measures 38" long. Incredibly manageable this refractor is best in class!

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