Takahashi FSQ 106ED Astrograph Telescope OTA

Manufactured by: Takahashi
Model: TAK-FSQ1016NU


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Takahashi FSQ 106ED Astrograph Telescope OTA FSQ1016NU

  • The Takahashi FSQ 106ED Astrograph Telescope is one of the finest refractors available on the market today for film and CCD imaging.
  • The FSQ 106ED by Takahashi has a back focus of 178mm to accommodate most CCD systems.
  • Takahashi FSQ 106ED has a heavy-duty 4" focuser with a built in camera angle adjuster.
  • The optical system in the Takahashi FSQ 106ED has been redesigned to a four element double ED Petzval System.
  • Full 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Ships Direct From Takahashi America In Texas.

The FSQ 106 ED by Takahashi is an incredible Astrograph Telescope that has been redesigned from its predecessor (FSQ106N) and making it one of the finest refractor telescope for CCD and film imaging. The FSQ106ED accommodates most CCD systems because of the significantly longer back focus of 178mm. This back focus also allows for accommodation with most CCD equipment and even allows the use of binoviewers.

The Takahashi FSQ 106ED was designed with all applications in mind. The FSQ106ED comes equipped with a newly redesigned, heavy-duty 4" focuser with a built in camera angle adjuster. This focuser will lift 5kg (11lbs) and keep its position without slipping. Precision adjustments in focus are no longer a problem with the FSQ106ED. Takahashi has included a micro-edge fine focuser with a 10 to 1 ratio specifically for focus adjustments. Combine that with a 2" and 1.25" eyepiece adapters and you are ready for any application.

The optical system on the FSQ 106ED by Takahashi has been modified to a four element double ED Petzcal system. The optical wavefront can be optimized to remove any astigmatism by adding a second doublet inside the tube. This also acts as a field flattner. Incredible for imaging, the FSQ106ED optical system provides wide, flat fields, no lateral color and high contrast while also capable of outstanding visual work. Adding an optional F3.6 focal reducer for imaging applications or an optional Extender-Q for visual use at F8 and at prime focus you get 88mm of image circle which takes in a full 9.5 degree of sky.

The versatility in transport is made possible on the FSQ 106ED because of its retractable, self-storing dew shield design. Measuring only 16.7" long when the dew shield is collapsed makes this instrument highly portable taking up little space. Inside the all aluminum tube, you'll find knife-edge baffles block off axis light and provide maximum contrast. The FSQ 106ED has a nice finish with a rich, ivory color and ebony trim making it just as stunning on the outside as it is on the inside.


  • 1.7" (44mm)- light intensity 60% Image Circle with Optional Reducer
  • 1.7" (44mm)- light intensity 60% Image Circle with Optional Extender
  • 15.2" (385mm) Focal Length with Optional Reducer
  • 33.5" (850mm) Focal Length with Optional Extender
  • 8 F Ratio with Optional Extender
  • 3.6 F Ratio with Optional Reducer
  • 229X Light Gathering Power
  • Limiting Mag is 11.9
  • Resolution 1.09" (28mm)
  • 4.2" (106mm) Effective Aperture
  • 21" (530mm) Focal Length

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