Stellarvue M150 Mount Alt Azimuth Dual Mount Head

Manufactured by: Stellarvue
Model: M150


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Stellarvue M150 Mount Alt Azimuth Dual Mount Head

This is a solid and smooth Isostatic mount providing a substantial  improvement over smaller dual mount units on the market. The ergonomics, bearings, load capacity and smoothness of the M150 is unsurpassed. The new M150 head weighs only 17 pounds but has a 45 pound capacity with adjustment and locking ability in both azimuth and altitude. This will make it easy when you have changing loads and you want to observe with different sized telescopes simultaneously. The massive alt azimuth mount has a 6" azimuth bearing surface, over-sized Teflon and stainless roller bearings on each axis. Adjust tension on both axis and you simply glide through the sky smoothly and stop completely when you arrive at the object. This mount must be experienced to be appreciated. No more pushing a mount that sticks or shoots past the object. Glide effortlessly  from one object to the next. This latest version has independent adjustment locks with levers that have clutches you to vary the degree of tension even better. This mount is so smooth that slow motion controls are redundant.  Counterweights and precise balancing  is not necessary.  Approximate delivery time after order is 30-60 days.

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