Stellarvue SV Raptor 90T Apo Triplet, Feathertouch

Manufactured by: Stellarvue
Model: SVR90T-25FT


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Stellarvue SV Raptor 90T Apo Triplet
The SVR90 is our top selling 90mm triplet apo refractor. It is 50% lighter than other 90mm triplets thanks to its Carbon Fiber tube. The 90mm f-7 apo triplet lens is made with FPL-53 optical glass. The telescope comes with a 2” Feather Touch focuser and case. Its light weight allows it to be mounted on smaller mounts and makes it an excellent travel or guide scope.

The Stellarvue SVR90T Raptor is a very lightweight 90 mm apo  triplet telescope. Using a structurally stable carbon fiber tube and dew shield, this  telescope weighs less than some 80mm telescopes! The SVR90T Raptor features our  a 90mm f-7 (630 mm focal length) objective lens with an Ohara FPL53 center  element. This is a highly rated visual and photographic instrument.  This  telescope is well suited for astrophotography using chips that are APS sized or  smaller. For the largest chip cameras, we suggest the SV90TF.

Fully multicoated apo triplet objective: The high  Strehl, apochromatic triplet objective provides extremely high contrast. To  further enhance this high level of contrast, extreme broadband multicoatings are  used on all six air-to-glass surfaces. This boosts contrast, making the stars  appear vivid and the background velvet black. These coatings transmit light  above and below the visual spectrum. This is important to minimize reflections  seen on ccd images.

Carbon fiber tube and dew shield: The tube and dew  shield are made of carbon fiber to reduce weight and increase the telescope's  good looks. The carbon fiber dew shield has black anodized aluminum end rings.  The dew shield and it retracts further reducing the length of the telescope when  being stored. When the telescope is used, this dew shield may be extended to  minimize dewing of the objective at night and to serve as a glare shade during  the daytime. 

Internal tube treatment: The main tube interior is  lined with black velvet and is properly baffled to eliminate any tube wall  reflections. 11 baffle ridges, painted ultra flat black eliminate reflections in  the focuser drawtube. Most of the reflected glare seen in small refractors comes  from the inside of the focuser drawtube. This treatment is far better than  drawtubes that are merely threaded. Reflections in the optical path are further  reduced using edge blackened objective elements.

2" Feather Touch dual speed focuser: The 2" Feather  Touch offers 2.5" of travel. This focuser is perfect for visual use and imaging  with most cameras on the market (using APS or smaller sized chips). The Feather  Touch features an ultra-smooth coarse/fine focus knobs (10:1 Ratio), internal  brake system, ultra-low backlash system. Don't compromise, get the best. 

Machined aluminum clamshell mounting ring with Vixen  Dovetail:  The SV90T uses our unique, American made, precision CNC  (computer numeric controlled) machined aluminum mounting ring. This clamshell  ring has several 10-32 threaded holes on the side and top accommodating finder  scopes, a guide scope or other accessories. Our clamshell is precision machined  and has an "easy-one-touch" single knurled knob for tighten and loosening the  ring. This permits faster and more convenient balancing of the telescope  tube.  The underside of the mounting ring has a Vixen style dovetail rail  with safety grooves. This rail fits most telescope mounts on the market such as  the Vixen, Celestron CG5 or Meade LXD-55. If you plan to mount this telescope on  a larger mount that uses the Losmandy rail our TP6 (Losmandy sized) plate  attaches to the bottom of the Vixen rail with two screws.

Supplied accessories: The SV90TBV comes with our C7  side reinforced, foam lined, airline carry on case. This case will hold the  telescope, star diagonal, reflex finder and numerous eyepieces. In addition to  the supplied accessories, you will need a star diagonal  or erecting prism, eyepiece(s) and a mount. You may also want to purchase a  reflex or optical finder scope

Light gathering and magnification power: The purpose  of a telescope is to gather light and magnify the apparent size of the object  being viewed. A 90 mm refractor gathers 165 times the amount of light of the  naked eye. This will reveal faint objects in space. Magnification power (the  increase in relative size of the object being viewed) is dependant upon the  eyepiece being used. Different eyepieces provide different magnification powers.  Since this telescope uses a highly accurate, hand figured objective lens and is  triple tested in the USA, these telescopes are free of coma and astigmatism seen  in many import telescopes. This provides sharper details when viewing at higher  powers. Dawes limit, which is the stated maximum power for telescopes under good  conditions is about 213 power for a 90 mm telescope. Check the Recommended  Accessories section to make the best choice for eyepieces.

Two year warranty and Stellarvue Service: Stellarvue  telescopes and accessories are covered by a two year warranty. But it does not  stop there. Since we are a telescope maker, we can repair your telescope for a  nominal fee years after it goes out of warranty should you accidentally drop it.  Buy a Stellarvue with confidence. Our customer care is legendary.

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