Stellarvue SV80ST-25FT

Manufactured by: Stellarvue
Model: SV80ST-25FT


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This is the Stellarvue 80 mm f-6 apo triplet made using our deluxe 2.5" dual speed, rack and pinion focuser. It uses the sharpest and highest contrast 80 mm apochromatic triplet lens we have ever offered. The focuser is threaded for photographic field flatteners sold below and has 1 1/4” and 2” compression ring visual adapters. This telescope also comes with heavy duty dual rings and a C19 heavy duty travel case. This is not a mass produced scope using inferior glass and sloppy mechanics. This is a truly premier 80mm apo.

 The Stellarvue SV80ST-25SV features an 80 mm f-6 (480 mm focal length) fully multi-coated, 3 element objective lens with an Ohara FPL-53 center element.

What else do you need? 


To use your telescope visually, you will need:


a star diagonal


a mount and tripod

a finder scope and adjustable finderscope rings

To take astro-photos you will need a photographic field flattener designed for this telescope.


Product Specifications

Objective Lens

Stellarvue triple tested 80 mm f-6 apo triplet Ohara FPL-53

Tube Assembly

Aluminum tube, painted ultra flat black inside and fully baffled


4 1/6" diameter retracting aluminum dewshield with threaded aluminum cap


2.5" Feathertouch dual speed fully rotating focuser threaded for SV field flatteners,  2” and a 1.25" compression ring adapter

Mounting Ring(s)

Dual hinged CNC mounting rings


3.5" diameter main tube and 4 1/8" diameter dew shield. OTA is 16" long with dewshield retracted and about 18 3/4" long when extended.


Optical tube weighs 5 lbs.
Clamshell with Vixen rail is 1.2 pounds.


Optional, Recommended:
Red Dot Finder: F1001/F1001C
Multi Reticle Finder: F2/F2A
Optical Finder: F50M2/R50A


C19 foam lined, side reinforced airline

Light Gain


Color Correction 1-10


Contrast 1-10


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