Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount w/tripod

Manufactured by: Vixen
Model: 25061


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Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount w/Hal Tripod 

Vixen has reworked the design and manufacture of its innovative SXD Mount. The new SXD2 Mount has a greater loading capacity and is more rigid enabling a more steady platform for astrophotography. The quieter Stepping motors ensure you of smooth, quiet slewing with quick response to commands.

The new Star Book Ten, available previously on the SXP Mount, features an intuitive Star Chart Go-To System on a high definition LCD Screen. Features include night vision screen, hibernate mode, VPEC and PPEC, and optional built in autoguider. Add the new Advance Unit, an expansion unit designed for the STAR BOOK TEN controller. The installation
of the Advance Unit in the STAR BOOK TEN controller enhances your autoguiding capabilities. Withthis unit installed you can view an image from a CCD-based imaging camera, record to or play backfrom a SD/SDHC card and adjust the shutter exposure controls of a DSLR camera.

Increased Loading Capacity: Both the RA and DEC Axes are made of sturdy steel with brass wheel gears.
This enables the mount to carry loads of up to 50 lbs (including counterweights) for astrophotography.
Vixen SXD2 Mount


Smooth RA and DEC Movement: The inside of the new SXD2 is very different from the previous SX Mounts.
Bearings have been added to the shafts of t he RA and DEC axes and the screw gear shafts.
The worm screw gears are inspected for strict concentricity and are lapped in the whole-circle for smooth movement.
Vixen SXD2 Mount

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