Vixen GPD2 Equatorial Mount w/Hal130 mount

Manufactured by: Vixen
Model: 3991HAL130


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Vixen GPD2 Equatorial Mount (Item #3991)

Vixen has been making versions of the GP mount almost since the inception of the company.The original Polaris Mount, evolved through refinements to the Great Polaris Mount and now, with further refinements, is the GPD2 Mount. As with all versions, the GPD2 incorporates the same care and precision that is evident in all Vixen products. This includes 100% inspection and testing on the drive gears of all mounts.You can rest assured that when you purchase a GPD2 mount it is going to work right out of the box. To give you added assurance when this mount is purchased through an authorized Vixen Optics dealer, your 5 year warranty is included. Clear Skies, MrStarGuy The GPD2 equatorial mount is the stronger and heftier of the GP mounts. With its solid steel R. A. and Declination axes and brass worm gears, this mount will hold up to years of heavy use. In order to assure accurate tracking for astrophotography the worm gears are especially machined to a very high precision that minimizes periodic error. The GPD2 Mount is equipped with a polar axis scope with a built in illuminator. The GPD2 holds almost 50% more weight than the GP2. Add the D2M Motor Set for accurate Tracking.

GPD2 Specifications:

R.A. Slow Motion Axis 144-tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
DEC Slow Motion Axis 144-tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
R.A. Graduations 10 min increments
DEC Graduation 2 degree increments
Polar Axis Scope 6x20mm, wide 8 degree field of view

Altitude Adjustment

0 to 62 degrees (2 degree increments)
Aximuth Adjustment Double screw fine adjustment
Motor Drive Optional, with STARBOOK-S or D2M motor drive set
Maximum Loading Weight 35 lbs.
Counterweight1.9 kg (4.2 lb) and 3.7 kg (8.15 lbs)
Weight8.5 kg/ 18.7 lbs (without counterweight)

Vixen's D2M Motor Set includes DD-2 controller, two MT-1WT motors and a battery box. Includes DD-2 controller, two MT-1WT motors and a battery box.

  • Drive Speed: Sidereal rate, 1.5x, 2x, and 32x, pause and reverse motions
  • Electricity Consumption: 0.8ampere (max)
  • Voltage: DC 7.5 to 12 volts
  • Batteries: 8 x D Batteries (Not Included)
  • Continuous Operation Duration: About 20 hours with Alkaline Batteries
  • Operation Temperature: 14 to 122
  • Applicable Mounts: GP2, GPD2, GP, GP=DX, GP-E

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