Explore Scientific 127mm f/7.5 ED Apo OTA w/ Deluxe Case & Accs

Manufactured by: Explore Scientific
Model: EDT-127075-CF


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Explore Scientific's 127mm f/7.5 telescope is an air-spaced triplet ED APO refractor telescope with a Carbon Fiber tube. This telescope comes equipped with a 99% dielectric-coated 2-inch diagonal and also includes a deluxe case. 

  • Clear Aperture: 127mm
  • Focal Length: 952mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/7.5
  • Resolving Power: .9 arc seconds
  • Coatings: EMD™ (Enhanced Multilayer Deposition)
  • Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 13
  • Maximum Practical Visual Power: 500x
  • Lowest Useful Visual Power: 14.5x
  • Focuser: Ten-to-One 2-Speed Crayford-Style, with Adjustable Tension and Lock
  •  Saddle Plate:  Fits Explore Scientific Mounts; Vixen Mounts; Meade LXD55/75 Mounts
  • Tube Diameter: 130mm
  • Tube Construction: Carbon Fiber   

             Explore STAR Warranty


        In continuing our effort to be the best we can possibly be, Explore Scientific introduces the Explore STAR Warranty, an unprecedented program for complete customer satisfaction; exclusive Fully Transferrable Unlimited Lifetime Warranty;


        Anytime Free Service; and for Repurposing Product from our trade-up program. Now, every new Explore Scientific branded product is eligible for the Explore STAR Transferrable North America Unlimited Lifetime Product Warranty program. All previously purchased Explore Scientific products require a re-certification. Simply contact Customer Service to make arrangements.


        We take great pride in designing each of our products with the goal of providing you superior quality optical and mechanical astronomical equipment. In addition, we use high-quality parts and the latest assembly and quality control techniques to ensure the reliability and long life of our products.


        Our reputation rests on our steadfast pursuit of this policy in the astronomy arena for the amateur, for the professional and for the educational markets. At Explore Scientific, we are committed to investing in research that continually gives rise to new technologies for improving our products.


        When you purchase any product from Explore Scientific we encourage you to compare it, as we do, to competitive products for quality, performance, aesthetics and price. We believe that this process will enhance your appreciation of the product you select.


        Coverage Details


        ALL Explore Scientific Products: include Limited North America One Year Warranty. New products are eligible for extendable Explore STAR Transferrable North America Unlimited Lifetime Product Warranty when registered within the first 60 days. All previously purchased Explore Scientific products require a re-certification.


        Third-Party Products: Warranty is provided by Third Party Manufacturers and is limited to their coverage.


        Standard Explore Scientific North America Limited Warranty is ONE (1) year, however, when new product is registered within 60 days of purchase, it is covered under the Explore STAR Transferrable North America Unlimited Lifetime Product Warranty program. All Explore Scientific's warranties are limited to the original owner, unless said owner has registered the product with Explore Scientific and has successfully transferred the product registration to the new owner under the Explore STAR Transferrable North America Unlimited Lifetime Product Warranty program.


        (Original owner may include person receiving brand new product as a gift). Previously purchased product may receive the Lifetime Warranty by going through a re-certification process. Contact Customer Service to make arrangements for this opportunity.


        Anytime Free Service


        Anytime an Explore Scientific branded product with the Explore STAR warranty needs adjustments, cleaning, or collimation, we will do this service for free, provided that the product is registered. Here's how: You drop it off and pick it up, or provide round-trip shipping and we will provide our professional service at no charge!


        Repurposing: Our Exclusive Product Trade-Up Program


        As an owner of an Explore Scientific product, you may find it is time to grow in your exploration and you would like to trade up for a higher performance product. This program is for Explore Scientific products purchased from authorized North America dealers or direct from us. If and when you are ready to trade-up, contact our Customer Service Team and we will get this process underway.


        Register and transfer warranty at: http://explorescientific.com/customerservice/productregistration.php


        For full details, please refer to http://explorescientific.com/about/explorestar.html.


        If you discover that you have a problem with any Explore Scientific branded product, please contact Explore Scientific Customer Service at 1-866-252-3811. As long as the product is registered, your Explore Scientific branded product is covered.


        We at Explore Scientific offer our best wishes for many years of enjoyable stargazing.


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