Orion SkyView Pro 8 GoTo Reflector Telescope

Manufactured by: Orion
Model: 24731


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Orion SkyView Pro 8 GoTo Reflector Telescope
GoTo computerized control automatically locates targets from a 42,900 object database
Big 203mm parabolic mirror and 1000mm focal length (f/4.9) are ideal for viewing deep-space objects
SkyView Pro equatorial mount with stainless steel tripod for excellent stability and smooth control
SkyView Pro equatorial mount with stainless steel tripod for excellent stability and smooth control
Now includes upgraded 2" Crayford-style focuser

A popular classic is now easier to use than ever before. The Orion SkyView Pro 8 GoTo Reflector Telescope with the computerized GoTo system, pushing a button or two is all it takes to swing the optical system automatically to any one of 42,900 celestial wonders. Dual internal stepper motors slew the telescope at up to 3.4° per second right to your target, placing it directly in the eyepiece's field of view. Using the intuitive menus on the hand controller, you will see more incredible celestial sights than you ever dreamed possible. The GoTo system will even take you on a guided sky tour or show you the best sights of the month! A simple two-star or three-star initial alignment is all that's needed to begin easy, accurate GoTo operation!

The Orion SkyView Pro 8 Reflector has long been admired for outstanding optics and a rock-solid mount. The telescope features an 8" (203mm) parabolic primary mirror, which gives you a whopping 73% more light grasp than a 6" scope. And more light means brighter, sharper images. You can go way beyond the Messier catalog with this telescope! And for the moon and planets, the SkyView Pro 8's 1000mm focal length (f/4.9) gives you the ability to resolve fine detail at high power.

Other features include an upgraded 2" Crayford-style focuser with a 1.25" adapter and focus lock knob, an 8x40 finder scope, and two Sirius Plössl telescope eyepieces (25mm and 10mm). It even has a center mark on the primary mirror for easy collimation! The stalwart SkyView Pro equatorial mount and steel tube tripod provide a stable platform that's so smooth you'll think the telescope is floating on air.

The GoTo system consists of a computerized hand controller and two stepper motors that attach to the SkyView Pro telescope mount. With intuitive menus and easy-to-use pushbutton controls, the GoTo system allows you to locate and track any computerized object in its database of 13,400+ objects including the entire Messier and NGC catalogs. You can use the GoTo controller to take a guided tour of the night sky or to pinpoint celestial highlights for the month. The GoTo system requires an external 12-volt power source, such as the Orion Dynamo Pro 12 Rechargeable Power Station (02302).

Included Items:
Optical tube assembly
25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece (1.25")
10mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece (1.25")
2" - 1.25" eyepiece adapter
Equatorial mount
Computerized hand controller
8x40 finder scope
Finder scope bracket with O-ring
Collimation cap
Camera adapter
Tube rings
Tube ring mounting plate
Counterweight shaft
Tripod accessory tray
Slow-motion control knobs
Dust cap
R.A. axis rear cover
Declination GoTo motor assembly
R.A. GoTo motor assembly
12V DC power cable
Computer interface cable (RS-232)
Brass gears with 2mm socket-head set screws
Motor control box
Motor control box bracket
GoTo hand controller cable
GoTo hand controller bracket
Motor Cable (13")
Motor Cable (27")
Hand controller-to-PC cable (5')
Declination motor cover
Right ascension motor cover
Right ascension motor attachment screw
Declination motor attachment screw
Phillips screw (10mm)
Phillips screws (8mm)
flat washers
lock washer
4mm hex key
2mm hex key
Phillips-head screwdriver
Starry Night special edition software

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