PENTAX PF-65 ED-A II Spotting Scope

Manufactured by: Pentax
Model: 70967


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The PENTAX angled PF-65ED II spotting scope . This scope is designed for high-precision outdoor viewing, along with enhanced optical quality which provides truer color tones. With porro-prism optics and a 65mm objective lens with extra-low dispersion optical elements, it delivers sharp, high-contrast images. Viewing in inclement weather won't be a problem as the PF-65ED-A II is waterproof and nitrogen filled (JIS Class 6).

This spotting scope is available with the  zoom eyepiece for $849.

  • Optical quality - Newly designed optical structure using ED (Extra low Dispersion) glass on the objective lenses. It minimize color aberration even better than previous model.
  • Choice of straight type and angle type - You can choose one depending on the usage.  Straight type: Easy to find the object quickly. Convenient for observation during moving.  Angle type: Able to observe in easy position., so you can use it for long hours.
  • Indication line for aiming is available on the built-in hood - You can catch the object quickly and easily.
  • Easy eyepiece attachment, succeeding previous model - Sleeve is American size (31.7mm diameter).  Insert the eyepiece in the sleeve and fix it by tightening the collet.
  • Waterproof function (JIS grade 6) - Dustproof glass is used on the eyepiece attachment part.   Inside is airtight structure and also nitrogen gas is filled to avoid dew condensation of the inner glass coming from the sharp difference of temperature.
  • Stretching type built-in rubber sun shade - The hood cut harmful light. It also protects the lens from dust and water as well as soften impact from the outside.
  • Focusing knob in the center - Focusing knob is located in the center, on the upper surface of the body so that quick and smooth focusing is possible.
  • Rotating tripod collars (click stop type) - The body can be rotated even on the tripod for easy observation and shooting. The rotation is 90 degree both right and left with click stop by 45 degree each
  • Whole rubber housing to protect the body from shock.
  • Gold logo plate - Logoplate attached on the side of the body is upgraded to gold, (used to be silver). To match this, the color of the letters on the objective lens frame is also changed. It will give posher impression and feel of unity.
  • Camera adapter PF-CA35 is attachable - the PF-66EDA II can be used as a super telephoto lens at focal length 780mm, aperature value F12.

Type:Porro-prism, 45 degree angle type
Objective Lens:Extra-low dispersion glass elements
Construction:5 elements, 3 groups
Focal Length:390mm
Eyepiece Lens:
SMC PENTAX Eyepiece Lens Magnification:XF 12: 32.5x; XF 8.5: 46x; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 20-60x; XW 20: 19.5x; XW 14: 28x; XW 10: 39x; XW 7: 55.5x; Zoom 8-24mm: 16-48x
SMC PENTAX Eyepiece Lens Construction:XF 12: 6 elements, 4 groups; XF 8.5: 6 elements, 4 groups; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 6 elements, 4 groups; XW 20: 6 elements, 4 groups; XW 14: 7 elements, 6 groups; XW 10: 7 elements, 6 groups; XW 7: 8 elements, 6 groups; Zoom 8-24mm: 6 elements, 4 groups
Attachment Diameter:1.25" (31.7mm)
Real Field of View:XF 12: 1.85 degrees; XF 8.5: 1.3 degrees; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 2.1-1.0 degrees; XW 20: 3.5 degrees; XW 14: 2.5 degrees; XW 10: 1.8 degrees; XW 7: 1.25 degrees; Zoom 8-24mm: 2.4-1.25 degrees
Apparent Field of View:XF 12: 60 degrees; XF 8.5: 60 degrees; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 42-60 degrees; XW 20: 70 degrees; XW 14: 70 degrees; XW 10: 70 degrees; XW 7: 70 degrees; Zoom 8-24mm: 38-60 degrees
Field of View at 1000m:XF 12: 32m; XF 8.5: 22m; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 37-17m; XW 20: 61m; XW 14: 44m; XW 10: 31m; XW 7: 21m; Zoom 8-24mm: 40-21m
Field of View at 1000 Yards:XF 12: 96'; XF 8.5: 66'; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 111-51'; XW 20: 183'; XW 14: 132'; XW 10: 93'; XW 7: 63'; Zoom 8-24mm: 120-63'
Exit Pupil:XF 12: 2.0mm; XF 8.5: 1.4mm; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 3.2-1.1mm; XW 20: 3.3mm; XW 14: 2.4mm; XW 10: 1.7mm; XW 7: 1.2mm; Zoom 8-24mm: 3-1.4mm
Eye Relief:XF 12: 18mm; XF 8.5: 18mm; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 11-15mm; XW 20: 20mm; XW 14: 20mm; XW 10: 20mm; XW 7: 20mm; Zoom 8-24mm: 18-22mm
Relative Brightness:XF 12: 4.0; XF 8.5: 1.9; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 10.2-1.2; XW 20: 10.9; XW 14: 5.7; XW 10: 2.9; XW 7: 1.4; Zoom 8-24mm: 16-1.7
Focusing Range:Approx. 16.4' to infinity (5m to infinity)
Eyepiece Ring:Collar
Body Color:Black
Waterproof (body):Nitrogen-filled, 1m depth
Body Length, Height & Width:10.6 x 4.7 x 3.3" (270 x 120 x 85mm)
Weight (body):37.7 oz. (1,070g)
Filter Ring Diameter:67mm (M67 P=0.75)
Eyepiece Dimensions - Length x Outside Diameter (mm)::XF 12: 78x43; XF 8.5: 83x43; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 88x50; XW 20: 86x61; XW 14: 97x61; XW 10: 110x61; XW 7: 120x61; Zoom 8-24mm: 144x69
Eyepiece Dimensions - Length x Outside Diameter (inches)::XF 12: 3.1x1.7; XF 8.5: 3.3x1.7; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 3.5x2.0; XW 20: 3.4x2.4; XW 14: 3.8x2.4; XW 10: 4.3x2.4; XW 7: 4.7x2.4; Zoom 8-24mm: 5.7x2.7
Eyepiece Weight (grams):XF 12: 155g; XF 8.5: 150g; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 240g; XW 20: 355g; XW 14: 365g; XW 10: 390g; XW 7: 390g; Zoom 8-24mm: 550g
Eyepiece Weight (ounces):XF 12: 5.5 oz.; XF 8.5: 5.3 oz.; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 8.5 oz.; XW 20: 12.5 oz.; XW 14: 12.9 oz.; XW 10: 13.8 oz.; XW 7: 13.8 oz.; Zoom 8-24mm: 19.4 oz.
Waterproof (eyepiece):XF 12: No; XF 8.5: No; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: No; XW 20: No; XW 14: Yes (JIS Class 4 weatherproof); XW 10: Yes (JIS Class 4 weatherproof); XW 7: Yes (JIS Class 4 weatherproof); Zoom 8-24mm: Yes (JIS Class 4 weatherproof)
Accessories:Objective cap, eyepiece ring cap, case

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