JMI Telescope Carrying Case for Meade 10" LX SCTs

Manufactured by: JMI
Model: CASELX10


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JMI Telescope Carrying Case for Meade 10" LX SCTs
Meade LX50 10", LX90 10", LX90-ACF 10", LX90GPS 10", LX100 10", LX200 10" (non-GPS), LX200GPS 10", LX200R 10"

The case includes four lockable latches, three steel-reinforced handles, a 3" by 30" steel hinge and die-cut foam lining with compartments for telescope, eyepieces, finder scope and accessories.  The finder scope must be removed from the telescope and placed in a special vinyl cover included with the case.  The Meade Microfocuser on the GPS scope must also be removed and placed in a foam compartment in the case.  Three thumbscrews are provided to replace the focuser's original mounting setscrews, for easy removal and reinstallation.  The case can be carried or pulled using the attached wheels. 

When used for the Meade LX90, the LNT Module and SmartFinder must be removed and stored in the case.  An adapter bracket is included (see below) for instant accurate repositioning when attaching the LNT Module.

Note: JMI carrying cases are manufactured with die-cut foam to hold the telescope as securely as possible.  They can, however, be used for telescopes other than those for which they were designed.  The following information is provided to help you make a decision about purchasing a case for telescopes not listed above:

The following fork-mounted telescopes should fit inside the CASELX10 with a small amount of space between the fork arms and the foam.

Most 10" Fork-Mounted SCTs including Meade 2120, 10" LX2 through LX10 and Ultima 9-1/4"

The optical tube of Celestron and Meade 10" German Equatorial SCTs will fit inside the CASELX10 loosely with extra padding needed to take up extra space, especially at one or both ends of the optical tube.

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