Telrad Finder with Base

Manufactured by: Telrad
Model: TRAD


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Telrad Finder with Base To see objects through a telescope it must be pointed to exactly the right spot. The Telrad is a sight for pointing telescopes to that "right spot." Through a Telrad you see the sky the way the star charts show it. Not a small upside-down and magnified portion of it, but the "real sky" with three lighted target rings set against it. The large ring is 4 degrees across. It outlines the area covered by a finder scope. The small ring is degree across and outlines the area seen in the telescope. Select an object on the chart and note its position among the visible stars. Then set the Telrad rings on that spot in the sky. A quick rough setting will put the object in the field of a finder scope. With no finder, or a faint object that won't show, use a more careful setting to put the object in the field of the telescope. The Telrad is 8 inches long, weighs a mere 11 ounces and mounts on almost any telescope or spotting scope without drilling holes. It unlocks from its base for separate storage. Makes the locating of faint objects easier. The illuminated reticle can be adjusted to 'pulse' as slow or fast as you prefer or can be left constant. The pulser is user installed, taking only a few minutes. A must for all Telrad users.

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