Orion StarShoot Pro V2.0 Deep Space Color CCD

Manufactured by: Orion
Model: 52085


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Orion StarShoot Pro V2.0 Deep Space Color CCD
High resolution 6.1-megapixel CCD color astro camera offered at an unprecedented low price!
Sony 25.10mm x 17.64mm CCD chip features 3032 x 2016 pixel array
Thermoelectric cooling (TEC) and on-board cooling fan reduce the CCD temperature to 30?C below ambient for smooth, low-noise images
Distance between CCD chip and optical window prevents dew formation
16-bit dynamic range yields better image depth than all but the priciest DSLRs
Over four times more pixels than like-priced astro-cams
Optional ASCOM driver available, allowing use with many types of imaging software
Fan speed regulation controlled by included software
Compatible with Windows XP and Vista 32-bit Operating Systems. Vista 64-bit driver support is targeted to be available in mid-October 2009

Since its introduction in May of 2008, the Orion StarShoot Pro has sent shockwaves through the astro-imaging community, setting a new standard for price and performance. Now we've outdone ourselves again by improving the StarShoot Pro with refined features and functionality to provide the very best in affordable imaging technology.

Our enhanced Orion StarShoot Pro V2.0 Deep Space Color CCD brings cooled, multi-megapixel color imaging into the realm of never-before-seen affordability. Its Sony 6.1-megapixel color Charge Coupled Device (CCD) chip boasts a 3032 x 2016 pixel array in a 25.10mm x 17.64mm format. That gives the Pro 6.5 times the image area and over four times the pixels as similarly priced astro CCD cameras. In fact, it uses the same chip found in cameras costing thousands more! The Pro's square 7.8 micron pixel size provides an excellent balance between high resolution and sensitivity. With some cameras in cooler weather conditions, condensation can form on the surface of the optical window, due to the temperature of the optical window being affected by the cooled CCD. Our enhanced design prevents this by virtue of increased distance between the CCD chip and the optical window. You get detail-rich shots with enough resolution to make large format color prints!

The Pro is thermoelectrically cooled to dramatically reduce thermal noise. A small fan on the back enhances cooling efficiency even more. Now, thermoelectric cooling can be manually shut off via software control, to eliminate dew in extreme outdoor conditions. The new software control also enable fan speed regulation. The Pro's 16-bit dynamic range gives it a leg-up on most Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras, which offer 10- to 14-bit A/D conversion. Made in Canada, the StarShoot Pro V2.0 also features 2x2 binning and high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity for speedy astroimage downloading. Maxim DL Essentials software is included for total control of focusing, image capture, and image processing. Power is supplied via a single 12-volt DC cigarette lighter plug on a 10 foot cable. All this comes neatly packed in a custom hard carrying case.

For the intermediate or advanced astro-imager, or for beginners seeking a camera they won't soon outgrow, the enhanced Orion StarShoot Pro V2.0 Deep Space Color CCE delivers award-winning high-resolution performance for an unprecedented low price. Get yours today!

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