Used/Demo Equipment - Updated 1/23/2015

Updated January 23, 2015

If you have equipment you are planning to sell, Hands on Optics would be glad to give you a call or Quotation.Please call toll free 1-866-726-7371 or Click Here Please call toll free 1-866-726-7371 or email to confirm availability. If this is the first time you have seen our stock listing we call the FUN list (Factory, Used, New), it may require some explanation. 

N = New - Special, Unusual or One of a Kind
S = New - Special Factory Purchase, Low Price
D = Dealer Demo Unit, New Warranty
U = Used, Condition described
F = Factory second or Blem
A = Antique
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U $3,999.00 Reflector - JMI NGT 18" F4.5 on Split Ring Equatorial mount.  NOT AS DOBSONIAN. Dual axis motor driven, Argo Navis DCSs. Rotating top for best eyepiece position. $1500 Upgrade Galaxy mirror. Upgrade 4 x8" wheel base. With upgrades it is+/- $18,000 new. 
U $195.00 Reflector - 6" Edmund 6" F/6 Red Pheonlic Tube. 100% USA made. 1.25" focuser, 7x30mm finder. 
U $749.00 Reflector - Vixen 8" F/4 R200SS. model with single speed focuser, vintage 2010, mounting rings, vixen dovetail, and soft carrying case. The primary has been center dotted. 
U $950.00 Refractor - 80mm Stellarvue SV80ST-25 Triplet white tube assembly with orignal case. Mint, Mint.  Less than 1 year old. Full warranty. Machine ings, no finder. 2" focuser and 1.25" adapter. Labout a year old. Test data included. 
D $479.00 Refractor - 4" AstroTelescopes 102 F/11 Planet Killer.   2 speed focuser. Mint condition.
U $500.00 Cassegrain - Vixen 8" F/9.75 , vintage 2011, mounting rings, vixen dovetail,Optics excellent. 
U $500.00 Cassegrain - 8" Meade LX10. Clean basic SCT. The straight forward no gadgets model. Non extendable tripod, wedge, dual drive fork,  Excellent cond. Includes diagonal and 25mm Plossl. 
N $120.00 Vixen StarPal 60L (Item #33102) 60mm on Alt Az Mount MADE IN JAPAN. Reg. new on Box.  $179
N $799.00 Mount - Ioptron Z25EQ. - New, the Aluminum box was damaged in shoipment. Mount perfect. Full warranty
U $995.00 Mount - Orion Atlas EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount. 
U $50.00 Tripod Extension - Stellarvue MECA for  M1, one mark on the side.
U $125.00 Tripod - Meade 884 tripod with built in wedge for ETX 60-125. With carrying bag
U $25.00 Dovetail Holder Dual D/V size Losmandy DVA Mint
U $40.00 Celestron Spreader bar for NexStar GPS, ALUMINUM not plastic
U $150.00 Hand Control - Meade Classic, mint and working, with cable
U $10.00 Hand control Meade directional control for ETXs. No computer
S $40.00 Hand control holder - JMI bolt on attachment for Celestron Nexstar SE mounts. 
N $99.00 Wooden Legs for most EQ mounts. 6" taller than original aluminum legs.
A $75.00 Wooden Leg parts for Unnitron 3" mount. All 9 wooden piecess only 
N $29.00 Older C8 power cords, oval type, with offset center hole
N $25.00 PAIR- Flexible so-so control. Fits all Meade, Celestron and other mounts
U $200.00 Diagonal - Denkmeier Powerswitch. Older slide design. Model S2 Marked  "Demo". Purchased from Russ himself. Well used. 2” in and out.  Enhanced Alum
U $69.00 2" Celestron UHC filter, in StarDust case
U $315.00 20mm Televue Nagler type 5, mint with original end caps. No box
U $165.00 Vixen 3.5mm LVW , Dual 2"/1.25" barrel . mint with original end caps. No box 
U $70.00 31mm Proxima, original Japanese lens design,
U $49.00 6mm Agena Widefield new in box. Same as Orion Expanse
N $25.00 6.3mm Celestron silver side, black top, Mint
U $40.00 7.4mm Televue Plossl, well used. Optics good. 
U $25.00 7.5mm Celesrron Plossl Orange on black
U $40.00 9mm Meade Series 5000 Super Plossl. Long ER, 60 degree. Mint in box
U $40.00 9.5mm Meade Series 3000 Plossl, Japan in screw case. 
D $49.00 9.7mm Antares 8-element, 9.7mm W 70 SERIES 1.25" 70 deg AF Multicoat. Minor Setscrew marks.StarDust case
D $25.00 9.7mm Meade 4000 Super Plossl. Floor demo. Screwdown case
N $25.00 10mm Orion Sirius Possl, floor model, no box
D $75.00 12.5mm Flat Field Same as Orion Edge-on High Power but in silver, Long Eye Relief Planetary 
D $25.00 15mm Meade 4000 Super Plossl. Floor demo. Screwdown case
D $49.00 20mm Orion Expanse, Floor demo  in box
A $35.00 20mm Celestron Omni Plossl, floor model
U $75.00 25mm Coronado CEMAX eyepiece in StarDust case
S $45.00 30mm Vixen Plossl NPL, discontinued model
U $20.00 32mm Celestron Plossl, VG condition
D $39.00 40mm Meade 4000 Super Plossl. Floor demo. Screwdown case
U $29.00 Barlow - Meade Model 142, 2.8X airspaced triplet
A $30.00 Barlow, Meade 2X shorty telenegative Mint
N $89.00 Filter Wheel, 1.25" with 5 color filters
D $29.00 T to C camera adapter. Made in Japan 
U $75.00 Small Ball head, Bogan, fits 3/8 screw
D $39.00 1.25" Variable Universal Camera Adapters 
A $100.00 Deluxe Tele-compressor. 1980s Mint in box, Big lens and 1.25" adapter. Only seen one of these in 45 years. 
U $10.00 T Adapter Cel  93418 Minolta Max, , also fits most Sony
U $69.00 2" Celestron UHC filter, in StarDust case
U $175.00 Solar Diagonal - Coronado 1.25"  Gold coated  Use with BF30 or alone for Planets
N $99.00 Lumicon Comet Filter 1.25" Overstock Rag $119
N $89.00 Filter Wheel, 1.25" with 5 color filters
U $35.00 Filter - Orion IR/UV Fring Killer  #05564
N $20.00 Solar filter Celestron C4.5 #94138 new old stocks.
N $45.00 B+W 48mm 3.0 Neutral Density Filter 110 Filter 1000x 
N $69.00 B+W 28.5mm (1.25") 3.0 Neutral Density Filter 110 Filter 1000x 
S $39.00 1.25" Antares ALP filter, new old stock, discontinued
N $179.00 Spotting scope - Celestron SV60 #52256. Swing View Spotting Scope - 20-60x60. Nice but discontinued, last one.
U $100.00 Spotting scope - Meade Pathfider Zoom 15-60x60mm straight through Armored. Made in Japan
A $125.00 Rare - Spotting scope. Busch (W. Rabe), Rathenow dates from 1920 to 1930 .Good optics are remarkable. 13 oz. 
U $44.00 Spotting scope -  Lomo Captain 14x40 Gregorian Maksutov. Hand Held Spotting Scope, Soft case
A $60.00 Rare - Bushnell Televar dual  6x44 Monocular and Variable: 325mm f8 - 500mm f11 - 650mm f16 Telephoto
A $199.00 Zeiss 7x50 1950’s vintage, Zeiss-Jana binoctem, clean and collimated, original case
A $225.00 B&L 8x56 WWII Vintage, Marked US Army. In collimation, Case is missing top. 
A $275.00  9x63 WWII 1944-45, Marked US Navy Bu Ordnance. Modified by US Navy Gun Factory from  7x50mm. In collimation, Case is included
A $45.00 Binoculars - Bausch and Lomb 6x30 with tan leather  Glass is clean and collimated. Better than average cond. No case
A $125.00 Binoculars - Zeiss 6x30B in leather case. Glass is clean & collimated. Leather case poor 
A $35.00 Binocular - Mini  about 4x16 folding, Marked Busch Winett DRP. 65mcm x 25mmx 35mm when closed.
A $125.00 Binocular  Barr and Stroud 10x50mm. Marked 10x CF36, British Patent 572537/. Some coating spotting
A $50.00 Binocular - 12x35 marked on left" Luminos 12x Stereo" on right "Lemire 12X Fabi Paris" with case. Steele,  Rough
A $25.00 Zeiss-Hungary 6x30 marked PRISMAS-LATCSO, slightly out of collimation, rare
U $29.00 Erecting Porro Prism , Celestron OEM with a C5 from the 1980s. Never used, Still in box. Made by Nihon Seiko (Unitron)
U $19.00 9mm Meade MA, Modern design, excellent Cond
U $25.00 12.5mm Unitron Kellner. Excellent optics, barrel shows minor wear.
N $19.00 40mm Celestron tall chrome barrel
U $25.00 Antares Hybrid diagonal. .965 in and 1.25" out
U $45.00 Unitron straight through porro prism, excellent condition
N $35.00 Mercury Systems 2"-.965 adapters, uses .965 eyepieces in a 2" focuser. new in box
U $19.00 Celestron straight through porro prism, made in Japan, excellent condition
U $29.00 Diagonal Hybrid .965" in - 1.25" out. 45 degree Amici Celestron made in Japan by Vixen.
U $5.00 Filter - 80A medium Blue, in case
U $5.00 Filter - Moon filter in case
U $29.00 Porro Prism. Unitron .965 straight through. Excellent condition.
U $30.00 PBCM Camera Mount - older Celestron Aluminum 
A $40.00 Mounting Rings for 8" GSO/Orion Dobsonian
A $50.00 Mounting Ring - Unitron Unclamp 60mm with mounted 1/4-20 Camera Adapter 
U $40.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 10" scope
U $35.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 4" scope
U $55.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 11" scope
U $100.00 Dew Strip - Kendrick for 14" scope
U $40.00 Dovetail - Universal D Losmandy 8" long.
D $150.00 Finder - Antares 12 X 80mm Correct Image, Right Angle Finder Scope, Black. Floor Model
N $40.00 Finder - Celestron 30mm straight Erect/Correct image finder with tall bracket that fits wedge base
U $40.00 Finder Bracket , Losmandy for 50mm and 60mm finders with SCT foot. 
N $20.00 Mercury Systems GFSA 2" Ring, adds brass retaining ring for GSO Newtonian focusers
U $35.00 GFSA-8 replaces high hat style adapter on GSO Newtonians
U $50.00 SFM2 - StarFinder Laser Finder Mount with Dovetail for Synta /Orion Finder Bases AND LASER
U $250.00 Case - Scopeguard, Hard travel case, Interior 27.5 X 10 X 9 inches. Made for Tak. 210. Was $439 
U $25.00 Ball its 3/8" screw head. Bogen 3232. 
U $25.00 Meade 4" -7" ED APO T Adapter. Screw on style
U $375.00 Meade Field Derotator, new in box, rare and hard to find
U $25.00 Piggyback Camera Mount- Celestron 8-11 older model
U $50.00 Lumicon Large Visual Back for Celestron 11"/14"  3 brass setscrews. 
U $15.00  
U $15.00 T- Adapter for all SCTs and Meade 7in Mak. Made by Intes. 
U $20.00 T- Adapter by Orion for all SCTs and Meade 7in Mak
S $50.00 Microscope - Ken A Vision microscope projector 3 objective , Salesman sample from 1980s

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