Until now, the stargazer's two biggest challenges to enjoying the night sky have been aligning their telescope and finding objects. Meade's new ETX Premier Edition eliminates these two challenges and makes astronomy as easy as pushing a button – right out of the box. Want to see a hard-to-find deep space galaxy? Simply push a button. The same goes for planets, stars, nebulae and more. Just pick an object you want to observe, press a button, and then AutoStar® will automatically point your telescope and put it right in your eyepiece.

Automatic Alignment + SmartFinder™ Meade's new ETX-Premier Edition automatically levels your telescope, points it to North and sets the time. You just enter your location or zip code. After your ETX completes its patented Level North automatic alignment procedure it will point to the first alignment star. Use the new wide-field SmartFinder to center the red dot over the alignment stars for ultra-precise pointing accuracy. It's that easy. Now shipping with the new AudioStar controller


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Meade ETX-80AT 80mm(3.1") Achromatic, 400mm (f/5) $299.00

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Meade ETX-80AT 80mm(3.1") Achromatic, 400mm (f/5)

Meade’s new, larger 80mm diameter ETX delivers more light-gathering for increased image brightness and greater detail. Moon craters by the hundreds, cloud belts on Jupiter, and Saturn’s rings are just the beginning of what can be seen with this...


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ETX-90 AT w/UHTC 90mm(3.5") Maksutov Cassergrain , 1250mm (f/13.8), Autostar with over 30,000 Objects,  884 Field Tripod, UHTC Coatings, Reddot finder, AutoStar SuiteAE Software, PC Interface Cable, 26mm Series 4000 Super Plossl. Traditional...

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