The CGE computerized series is Celestron's newest line of observatory class Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Offered in 8", 91/4", 11" and 14" apertures, they all come mounted on the state of the art CGE GoTo German Equatorial mount. The German Equatorial mount has long been the favored choice of astronomy buffs and astrophotographers because of its stability and portability. More stable because the center of gravity is directly over the center of its base, more portable because it can be broken down into smaller component parts for easy storage and transportation. For astrophotography, the German Equatorial mount offers easier balancing, unlimited space at the rear of the telescope tube to mount a camera, and whole sky access. Now you can enjoy all of the NexStar software and database features with the extra stability and portability of a German Equatorial mount.

Focal Length2032mm F/102350mm F/102800mm F/103910mm F/10
Sec. Obstruction2.7"3.35"3.75"4.50"
TubeCarbon FiberAluminumCarbon FiberAluminum
Fastar CompatibleF/1.95Nof/2.0f//2.1
Eyepiece25mm Plossl25mm Plossl40mm Plossl2" Axiom 40mm
Diagonal1.25" Prism1.25" Prism1.25" Prism2" with adapter
Finder Scope30mm30mm50mm50mm
Power SupplyCar BatteryCar BatteryCar BatteryCar Battery
Counterweights11lbs.25 lbs.25 lbs.2-25 lbs.

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